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Districts and towns


Thank you for your interest in Archangel - a historic seaport city which has interesting activities to offer. You can take a walking tour with a guide or choose one of excursions available. You can dine in diverse restaurants, e.g. Paratov, Terrasa or Barolo. Archangel offers museums like Fine Arts Museum or Malye Korely Wooden Architecture Museum.
Through 432 years of history its fortunes have fluctuated from the only port of Russia to a provincial region centre. However, thanks to the efforts and achievements of its residents, Archangel has always contributed a lot to the country’s economy, not to mention its role in World War II.

In 1584 Tsar Ivan IV (the Terrible) gave the order to build a fortress in the delta of the Northern Dvina at Pur-Navolok Cape. By that time a monastery named after St Michael the Archangel had been about two centuries there. Some time later that fortress with a settlement around got the name of Archangel (or Arkhangelsk). In the 17th century it was the only Russian port and most foreign freight moved through it. Goods for export were brought here from all over Russia. To support the trade and show the state power Tsar Alexey gave the order to build the Arcades or Merchants' Courtyards.
Tsar Peter the Great visited Archangel three times. In 1693 he saw the sea for the first time here and learned a lot about sea trade, navigation and ships. Peter I established a state-owned shipyard on Solombala Island and came back a year again to launch the first ship. The monument by Antokolskiy has been in the city since 1914.

Solovetsky Islands


Solovki (or the Solovetsky Islands or the Solovetsky Archipelago) are a group of islands in the White Sea. They are well known for primal labyrinths, sacred sites and burial mounds, as well as grand history of the St Transfiguration Monastery and dark page of GULAG. At present there is a large federal museum-nature reserve and the Solovetsky Monastery. The settlement on the island has 800 residents. Different tours and excursions are available on the islands.



 Kargopol is a district centre in the Archangel Region. It is situated 427 km to the south-west of Archangel and about 900 km to the north of Moscow. The town occupies the banks of the River Onega not far from Lake Lache. Kargopol had once a strategic location along rich trade routes. This fact facilitated stone building which today contributes to a special atmosphere of the old town. The Nativity Cathedral built in 1562 dominates the area as it is huge and impressive with five cupolas and an exhibition inside. Kargopol is famous for its crafts, clay toys, for example. Churches in neighbouring villages are of interest. Every year a bell ringing festival takes place.



Located in the Russian North, Kenozero National Park is nestled amongst legendary ancient woodland. A perfect place for relaxing on a family holiday or for a short break. You can explore the Park trails and sites, learning about nature and wildlife as you go. For example, 263 bird species are found here. You can also see numerous samples of wooden architecture, scenic landscapes and local traditions. Enjoy a real Forest Holiday at Kenozero!