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Rezitskiy Jazz Days
October 14-16, 2016 you are invited to attend the jazz festival in Arkhangelsk which commemorates Vladimir Rezitskiy. Vladimir Chekasin, Tim Dorofeev, Dennis Chambers and other musicians will perform. 
Arkhangelsk Blues festival
May 30 - June 2, 2016 the Blues festival takes place in Arkhangelsk, Russia. The organiser is the Arkhangelsk Jazz centre.
Margaritinskaya Fair
September 18-21, 2015 Margaritinskaya fair is held in Arkhangelsk. Craftsmen and companies from the Arkhangelsk Province take part in the fair to offer berries, mushrooms, honey, vegetables, craft and gift market.
Explore the paintings of Alexander Borisov in Arkhangelsk
In Arkhangelsk there is a collection of Borisov's Arctic landscapes and seascapes, open Wednesady - Monday. Borisov was the first painter of the Russian Arctic. He visited the Novaya Zemlya archipelago in 1896, 1900 and 1903. His paintings featured the Arctic Ocean, ice flows, the Nenets people. He exhibited in Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Paris. For more information email ntcarh@gmail.com    
Celebrate Shrovetide in the Malye Korely Wooden Architecture Museum
On February 21-22, 2015 visitors to Malye Korely are offered a wide range of traditional Shrovetide celebrations. More information about free activities is available here.
Urband Camp Festival in Arkhangelsk
On September 18th - 21st, 2014 visit concerts and workshops of musicians, dancers and artists from Russia, Norway and other countries. Choose an event at www.urbandcamp.com/en/festival-program.html
Navy Day 2014
On Sunday 27th July come and meet the Navy in Arkhangelsk. The region is home to different military ships. You will see a parade and displays, meet marines and learn about life in the Navy. The day's water and ground activities will be free to view from the River Northern Dvina Embankment.
Arkhangelsk Blues Festival
Welcome to the Arkhangelsk Blues Festival! You'll hear more music and talent this year. Musicians from Russia, USA, UK, Denmark and Norway will be performing from 22 to 25 May 2015. The stages are Drama Theatre and the 'Museum Yard'. More information at www.arkhangelsk-jazz.com/#!-2014/c1djb
PROArctic Barents Tourism Summit
1 April 2014
PROArctic Barents Tourism Summit is one of the tourist key-events held by the initiative of the Arkhangelsk region Government within the framework of chairmanship in the Barents Regional Council and Committee. The event will be attended by representatives of the regional tourist administrations from the RF Northern-Western Federal District, Barents Euro-Arctic Region countries, other territories included in the Arctic area and interested in the efforts consolidation for tourism development in the Arctic. Such issues as development of the interregional and cross-borders tourist products in the Arctic and realization of the financial instruments to support projects of Barents and Arctic cooperation in the sphere of tourism will be discussed.
For further information and registration at the Barents Tourism Summit, you can contact the Agency for Tourism and International Cooperation of the Arkhangelsk Region arkhtourism@gmail.com
Guide Training Course
19 March 2014
Tour operator Intourist-Arkhangelsk has launched a training course for people wishing to become professional tourist guides in Arkhangelsk. Students study and are assessed on the background knowledge of the Region and in depth Arkhangelsk knowledge which covers sites frequently visited. Practical training takes place in the Merchant Yard Museum, the Fine Arts Museum, St Nicholas Church, the wooden architecture Museum, a Chumbarovka walk and a panoramic coach tour.
On passing a practical examination, the guide is entitled to work with cruise ship passengers.
The Arctic Cruise Survey
6 March 2014
Tour operator Intourist-Arkhangelsk has launched a survey to examine the possible interest in the Russian Arctic cruises. 12-day itinerary: Murmansk – the Barents Sea – Franz Josef Land – the Novaya Zemlya archipelago – Solovki – Arkhangelsk. Only two cruises are planned onboard MV K. Elanskaya in 2015. We kindly ask you to send your opinions about this product to ntcarh@gmail.com
Kenozero Winter Portrait... National Park Launches Photography Festival
26 February – 2 March 2014
Professional photographers and photo enthusiasts are invited to take part in a photography festival in the Kenozero National Park. It is a traditional plein air. Participants will see winter landscapes, wooden architecture, white snow, fascinating sunrises and sunsets. Horse riding will add to the impressions. Landscapes and local people provide inspiration to create wonderful works. The programme costs 230 euro. Meals and accommodation are included and winners will be awarded. 
Norwegian Exhibition of Ancient Maps
Dates: 10 January 2014 – 2 February 2014
Venue: Fine Arts Museum, Lenin Square, Archangel, Russia
The Norwegian exhibition ‘Ultima Thule. European Arctic cartography of XV-XVII centuries’ has opened in Arkhangelsk. The exhibition features Olaus Magnus's Marine Map, works of Abraham Ortelius, Gerard Mercator, Nicolaus Germanus and other cartographers. Medieval maps show Scandinavia and Northern Russia. You will also have a good opportunity to see documents covering the voyages of Willem Barents
The idea of an exhibition in Russia was initiated by Erling Walsøe from Gjesvær, Norway, who is one of the exhibition owners.
New Year Festivities in Archangel
December 23, 2013
All major New Year fir-trees are lit in Archangel. An ice house for the Archangel Snowman is built at the River Northern Dvina Embankment. Volunteers are building a snow town nearby. On January 1 everyone can enjoy vibrant festivities and fireworks starting from 1:30 am. Who knows, perhaps, you’ll catch a glimpse of the northern lights?
On January 1 at midday the ice town of kozoolya is to open at the Embankment as well. Fun awaits everyone during excursions inside the ice town. On January 7, Christmas day, 3D projection mapping show will be held at the building of Mir cinema. On January 8 music performances will be held by groups from Norway, Ukraine and the Archangel Region. Citizens and guests of the city are invited! Most events are open to the general public and are generally friendly and welcoming for people of all backgrounds.
Winter Windsurfing and Snow Kiting Competitions this Weekend
The Christmas regatta takes place in Archangel near the Kuznechevskiy bridge in December 21-22, 2013. About 40 windsurfers and snow kiters have applied from Archangel, Severodvinsk, Murmansk, Moscow, Monchegorsk and Cherepovets.
Archangel has leading sportsmen in winter windsurfing such as Andrey Khargovskiy. A team of children’s sports school Sailing Centre will also participate. Home competitions are a good test before the season. Contact phone +7 8182 460133
Arkhangelsk Port Freight Statistics
December 13, 2013
In January – November 2013, total freight traffic of Arkhangelsk Sea Port JSC was 1.33 million tonnes. It is a decrease of 13.2 per cent on 2012. Import decreased, outwards traffic increased by 10.7 per cent. The company reports that at http://www.ascp.ru/htm/2.htm
Northern yacht festival - Norway - Russia 
December 12, 2013
The Russian President V. Putin signed Federal Law 110 in June 2013. In accordance with it, international leisure and sports sailing boats can sail and anchor in the Russian internal sea waters and territorial waters outside the checkpoint across the Russian Federation state border.
Development of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region cooperation, northern travel routes and yachtsmen’s interest in the Barents and White Seas has led to the idea of holding the International Northern yacht festival in July – August of 2014.
The itinerary is in Norway and Russia via: Bodø – Tromsø – Vardø – Murmansk – Archangel – the Solovetskiy Archipelago – Archangel – Murmansk – Kirkenes - Tromsø. Sailing yachts will take part in the rally. The participants’ number totals about 300 people, among them mass media and representatives of organisations interested in international yachting development.
Source: http://www.rusnorge.com/
Winter navigation starts in Arkhangelsk
November 16, 2013
All port ice breakers of Arkhangelsk have undergone planned repairs and are ready for operations. Until the Northern Dvina port area freezes over, sailing along the river is possible without icebreakers.
Source:  http://www.pravdasevera.ru/agency/society/otkryta_zimnyaya_navigatsiya_v_arkhangelske/