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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Tone Eike, Norway

We had a very interesting visit to Arkhangelsk in August 2013. Both our hotels were excellent. Arkhangelsk is a very sophisticated town with old wooden houses by a walking street decorated like a park.

Outside town there is a huge outdoor Folk museum with traditional timber houses, churches and beautiful ladies in national costumes. This is something the Norwegians really like to visit. We even had a concert will bells played in the Bell tower. As a surprise to the group learned to make a Rattle from Birch bark.

In town we visited the Historic museum. It is very modern displayed and we learned a lot. One exhibition that caught out eyes most was about the international society in Arkhangelsk in 1900 century. 

I recommend that tourists stay some days in Arkhangelsk in their way to Solovki islands.

Kari Holm, Norway

Solovetsky, mai 2013 Skilnaden mellom bylivet i Arkhangelsk og landsbygda ute på Solovetsky-øyane er stor. Flyturen som varer 50 minuttar, er ei oppleving i seg sjølv. Eg var så heldig å få reise i starten av mai då snøen var i ferd med å bli borte frå det endelause tundra- og taigaområdet. Store område rundt fastlandskysten var dekka med knust is som elva Dvina hadde ført med seg utover. Den vesle, sjarmerande flyplassen ligg i gangavstand frå landsbyen Solovetsky. Det første ein får auge på, er klosteret. Det ligg der og skin i det spesielle lyset her ute i havet. Det er godt å puste inn den friske sjølufta. Å reise til Solovetskyøyane er ikkje ei vanleg turistutflukt. Dette er eit område med ei lang og dramatisk historie ein bør ta seg tid til å bli kjent med. Det er umogeleg å forstå alt det forferdelege som har hendt på denne staden. Men, kanskje det er dagens opplevingar i museum frå Sovjettida og munkane si vakre gudsteneste som gjer at ein kjenner på ei høgtideleg, alvorsfull stemning i den vesle, slitne landsbyen. Å nyte solnedgangen og lytte til den sjeldne stillheten, blir ei oppleving ein kan tenkje attende på med glede og forundring. Helsing frå Kari frå Rosendal, Norge, for tida utanlandslektor ved NarFu, Arkhangelsk

Lee Mercer and Laurie Chadwick, USA

Thanks for the great tour of Arkhangelsk, Russia, and the surrounding region arranged by your company, Intourist-Arkhangelsk, Ltd, for my wife and I. It was simply amazing you were able to locate and connect us with experts on Russian history, and especially the 1918 Allied military intervention and battlefields. The tours with journalist Alexey Suhanovsky to the Toulgas area and the Railroad Front were fascinating and his knowledge of the era was encyclopedic. He and his team were also very gracious and entertaining, between the hospitality he showed us in his log cabin in the woods to the constantly boiling samovar. Tatiana was also wealth of knowledge on the museum, prison camp and artillery battery on Mudyug Island, which we toured. My wife will never forget being carried ashore from his boat at low tide by our intrepid boat captain Vasili!

I would heartily recommend your tourist agency to anyone planning to travel in the historically rich province around Arkhangelsk. For those who travel only to Moscow and St Petersburg, they don’t know what they are missing. Between the International Street Theater Festival and the 430th anniversary of the founding of the city by Peter the Great, we had a great cultural backdrop for our introduction to Russia. The hotel overlooking the beautiful Dvina River and the food were first rate. We found the people of Archangelsk friendly and welcoming (though they seem to rarely see American visitors).

Also thanks for your excellent translation services. In hours of conversation on complex historical narratives, both you and Ksenia translated a wealth of important details as well as sharing insights on your lives and many cultural and social aspects of modern Russia.

Thanks again for a wonderful tour. We also have to thank Brenda Casey at IntoRussia in Glasgow, for linking us up to your wonderful services. All of you provided us with the vacation of a lifetime!