Wooden architecture of the Russian North

Unique features of this northern Russian area are well described by the pearl of local culture - the wooden architecture.

Enjoy a half-day bus excursion to the Museum of Wooden Architecture “Malye Korely” located 25 km far from Arkhangelsk. https://www.korely.ru/

Located amidst the hills in one of the most picturesque places on the outskirts of Archangel, Malye Korely is the largest open-air museum of its kind in Russia. The Museum is home to many wooden buildings such as homes, churches, barns and windmills collected from different parts of the region, typical examples of how things used to be. Houses built by hand with traditional tools such as axes in the XVIII and XIX centuries still stand strong for you to enjoy viewing today. Time permitting, there should also be some free time to explore further at your leisure and buy local souvenirs before re-joining your coach for the return drive to the city center.

Cost of tour: 10500 rub (2 pax), 12400 rub (4 pax), 14250 rub (6 pax)

Explore the Russian North!

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