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Tuesday: arrival

Arrival at the Arkhangelsk airport by the Moscow flight 5N 118 at 21:50 or the St. Petersburg flight 5N 146 at 21:40. Meeting with an English-speaking guide and transfer to the Stolitsa Pomorya Hotel.
Wednesday: Mudyug Island
Breakfast. 09:00 taxi to the pier, departure for Mudyug Island with a local historian and an interpreter by boat (about 5 hours). In case of strong winds over the area, the trip will be delayed till another day.
Thursday: Tulgas
Departure for Tulgas and Bereznik by A. Sukhanovskiy’s car with an interpreter. Distance: 350 km. 11:00 – 16:00 in Tulgas: seeing the location, driving from one village to another, walking on and observing the River Northern Dvina bank. On the way back there are stops in Bereznik (to see the former air field of the Slavic-British air squadron) and in Shipilikha (a site of fights with trenches and artefacts). Arriving at the hotel by midnight.
Friday: Arkhangelsk
Breakfast, free time. 13:00 – 17:00 seeing the Intervention sites in Arkhangelsk. Free time. Dinner. 
Saturday: the Railway Front
Transfer to the Arkhangelsk railway station. 07:53 departure by train to Kukhtoozerskiy station (seats, the connecting train). 12:50 arrival at Kukhtoozerskiy station. Walking 2 km to the area of battles at the 445th km of the Railway Front. There is a base there built by Alexey’s team: a small house, a bathhouse, a chapel. 14:00 Lunch. The most exciting 4-hour excursion to battlefields (battlefield archaeologists are convinced of that). Dinner, time to rest.
Sunday: the Railway Front
Breakfast. Visiting the site of the Bolsheviks infantry column defeat, British and Australian troops took part in it too. Lunch. If time permits, you will also see the line of defense at 448th verst or 447th verst. Walking back to the station. 16:39 boarding the train and departure for Arkhangelsk (seats, the connecting train). 21:20 arrival at Arkhangelsk. Transfer to the hotel, check-in.
Monday: departure
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