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The Solovetsky Archipelago has always been a sacred site. It performed this function for prehistoric people who built labyrinths, for monastic founders, Saint Savvatiy, Saint Zosima and Saint German, for brethren and pilgrims. No wonder one feels so peaceful here.

The monastery is located in the north of Russia, on a narrow piece of land between Svyatoye Lake and Welfare bay. Its walls are made of boulders some weighing up to 7-8 tonnes. During the Crimean War the monastery was bombarded but cannonballs did not destroy its walls. 

The monastery history started more than five centuries ago - in 1429. You can hear about it and see everything with your own eyes during excursions guided by the museum staff.

This World Heritage Site is sure to impress you with the beauty of its nature, mysteries of its past and achievements of the restoration process.