Kiy-Island is located in the Onega Bay and has unique nature. The island spreads for two kilometers from southeast to northwest, and its width is only half a kilometer.

It is quite fair for Kiy-Island to be called as the pearl in the necklace of the White Sea Land. One can admire the picturesque conglomerations of rocks here. Majestic pine-trees, juniper and fern brushwood, cloudberries, raspberries, blueberries, wild leek…this is not a completed list of the island flora. Botanists claim that about 300 kinds of different plants can be discovered there.

The fauna of the island and in the surroundings is even not less rich. You can find silver seagulls, eiders, polar hens, snow buntings, and teals. There are ravens, sparrows and even sand martins. Seals, sea hares, white whales and others inhabit the sea.

Patriarch Nikon was saved from a storm in the White Sea on Kiy Island. In gratitude he founded the Cross Monastery here in 1656.

The severe beauty of Kiy-Island and the old monastery attract tourists from different parts of the world.

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