Аrkhangelsk City Tour

Discover Arkhangelsk, a unique Northern Russian city of a long historical heritage and culture. The sightseeing tour takes you through the central part of the city with major highlights of Arkhangelsk as well as historical monuments in the old part of town.

Start your excursion at Pur-Navolok Cape, the site where the city was founded in 1584. Admire a unique example of Russian architecture of the XVII century - the old stone Merchant Yard (Gostiny Dvor) hosting museum exhibition nowadays. Visit monuments to Peter the Great and Arctic Convoys followed by Eternal flame and Monument to a Seal. Enjoy views of the Northern Dvina.

Enjoy a walking along a heritage street – Chumbarovka which features authentic and reconstructed wooden houses of local merchants from the past from different parts of the city.

Continue your city tour with a walk across Lenin Square, the downtown with the administrative buildings and the last monument to Lenin (in the USSR),

Visit a souvenir shop offering traditional northern Russian crafts items, made locally and including carved bone things, wooden and birch bark items, etc.

City tour can be followed by a visit to one of the city museums such as Merchant Yard museum, Fine Arts Museum, Northern Maritime museum or Museum of Artistic Development of the Arctic named by Alexander Borisov.
Cost of tour: 2800 rub (1-20 pax) - walking tour, 5400 rub (1-20 pax) including minibus.

Explore the Russian North!

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