• First Russian port
  • Arctic convoys
  • Traditional crafts and food

Solovetsky Islands

  • UNESCO`s Heritage site
  • History of GULAG
  • Mysterious pagan labyrinths
  • Unique lakes and canals system

Malye Korely

  • Open-air museum,
    one of the largest in Russia
  • Wooden architecture
  • Northern nature

Explore the Russian North!

Popular tours
Wooden architecture of the Russian North
Unique features of this northern Russian area are well described by the pearl of local culture - the wooden architecture.
3 hours
12400 rub (4 pax)
Аrkhangelsk City Tour

Discover Arkhangelsk, a unique Northern Russian city of a long historical heritage and culture. 

2 hours
2800 rub per group
Heritage Street - Chumbarovka

If you want to know what Arkhangelsk looked like a hundred years ago, this is the place you want to visit.

1 hour
2300 per group
Summer Weekend

Spend one of your summer weekends exploring Northern Russin villages, admiring fascinating landscapes and enjoying rural charm.

4 days
12 750 rub/pers (20 pax)
City museums

City tour can be followed by a visit to one of the city museums such as Merchant Yard museum, Fine Arts Museum, Northern Maritime museum or Museum of Artistic Development of the Arctic named by Alexander Borisov.


Discover the life of the Russian province while visiting Kargopol town famous for its stone churches, quiet streets and clay toys. Spend one day in Kenozersky National parkl well known by its lakes, wooden chapels and churches with unique heavens - painted wooden ceilings.

2 days
21 750 rub (min 4 pax)
Popular tour
Let's meeet in Arkhagelsk - the first seaport of Russia. Unique Northern Russian city of a long historical heritage and culture.
3 days / 2 nights
22 900 rub (min 4 pax)
We know everything about the Arkhangelsk region!

Northern Tourist Company is ready to help any visitor to explore the oldest Russian city of Arkhangelsk which, as Lonely Planet Guide states, is blessed with a populace that is among the friendliest in Russia.

One can find a wide choice of walking, bus and boat tours here: wander around old places of Arkhangelsk, get to know the open-air wooden architecture museum Malye Korely and Uima village know for the fairy-tale character Senya Malina, visit the home village of the first Russian academician Mikhail Lomonosov and a wonderful location where karst caves and ice-free waterfall can be found among ancient forests.

Take a half-day tour of the city to see attractions. A typical tour combines a visit to the Merchant Yard Museum with stops at Peter the Great Monument, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church and car-free Chumbarovka Avenue. Active travellers can opt for tours that combine a city excursion with a visit to the wooden architecture museum Malye Korely, or try their hand at local crafts. This is a good opportunity to learn a new skill and take a handmade item home. Visit a local food market for fish products tasting. Discover how a traditional dish is cooked. Taste Northern Russian cuisine in a local restaurant.

Professional guides will share information about history of the region, Russian traditions, and even some culinary secrets.

Your ideas and requests for arranging your visit to the North of Russia are highly appreciated and will be thoroughly reviewed and fully satisfied by our team.

A Tug of War Over Gulag History in Russia’s North
SOLOVETSKY ISLANDS, Russia — Yuri Brodsky, who has dedicated his life to exposing the dark secrets of the ancient Solovetsky Monastery, pointed at a small, dirty courtyard window blocked by a crooked red brick wall. The bricks were a rare leftover from the nearly two decades when the fortresslike monastery served as the Soviet Union’s first gulag, remnants of a horrific period initially detailed by the Nobel laureate and historian Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn. “All traces of the labor camp are gradually being destroyed and removed,” said Mr. Brodsky, a disheveled
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