Аrkhangelsk City Tour

Discover Arkhangelsk, a unique Northern Russian city of a long historical heritage and culture. 

2 hours
2800 rub per group
Heritage Street - Chumbarovka

If you want to know what Arkhangelsk looked like a hundred years ago, this is the place you want to visit.

1 hour
2300 per group
Wooden architecture of the Russian North
Unique features of this northern Russian area are well described by the pearl of local culture - the wooden architecture.
3 hours
12400 rub (4 pax)
Antonievo-Siyskiy Monastery
During this excursion you will visit Saint-Trinity Antonievo-Siysky monastery situated on the coast of Lake Mihailovsky.
8 hours
19500 rub (2 pax)
City museums

City tour can be followed by a visit to one of the city museums such as Merchant Yard museum, Fine Arts Museum, Northern Maritime museum or Museum of Artistic Development of the Arctic named by Alexander Borisov.

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