Heritage Street - Chumbarovka

Chumbarovka, as citizens call it, is not just a casual place in the centre of the city, it is a project funded by the government. Its purpose was to create a location that could represent the wide range of old house-building types. The location would serve as a memorial to the wooden Arkhangelsk and the good old days. In total, they managed to put about 30 different buildings together. Some of them were valuable because of their age, some – because of their stylish décor, some – due to the uniqueness of their architecture.

Naturally, since wood is not the most lasting material, only a few buildings can be called memorials on their own. Most of the buildings are replicas, created by the modern specialists with the help of new materials and old designs. Visually, they do give one a feeling of old times, at least on the outside. It was a condition set by the Government – to make the buildings look as authentic as possible on the outside. Even though it is a memorial place, all the houses on the avenue are functional and used as shops, offices, restaurants and living quarters.

Cost of tour: 2300 rub (1-20 pax)

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