Ecotour to Reindeer Camp

You are offered to get to know the lifestyle of indigenous people in North West Russia in winter. This tour is all about exploring the Nenets reindeer-herding traditions and herders; life conditions.
Dates: from February till April each year.
The tour duration: 4 days.
The number of pax: 2-8 people who are prepared for long trips, for northern climate and willing to explore the Nenets culture and reindeer herding in the Russian European North.
The whole day spent in the Nenets winter camp of reindeer herders gives you an idea of an everyday living and housing of the Nenets folk and an opportunity to get acquainted with their families.
One more day is devoted to a visit to a reindeer herd. You can get acquainted with traditional reindeer breeding and herding during the winter time, meet the Nenets herders and find more about their winter clothes and riding in reindeer sleighs.

Price per person:
29 500 rub (8 pax), 31 000 rub (7 pax), 32 400 rub (6 pax), 34 200 rub (5 pax), 36 900 rub (4 pax),
41 400 rub (3 pax), 50 500 rub (2 pax).

Explore the Russian North!

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