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Welcome to the Russian North!

Our site offers you an interesting choice of northern Russian holidays throughout the whole of the Archangel Region. You can choose one of our escorted tours or excursions or plan something just for you which we’ll do our best to arrange.


Holidays in Archangel include the history of the first Russian port, present day highlights, traditional crafts and food. Sea and forests influenced the Pomors’ lifestyle and dwellings a glimpse of which you can also see in the museum of wooden architecture Malye Korely.
Solovki holidays offer you a once-in-a-lifetime journey to the so-called ‘Pearl of the White Sea’. These are the islands of rare beauty. Home to an old monastery and hermitages, Solovki symbolize Russia’s spiritual past and are on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Memories of Stalin’s GULAG camps reveal dark pages of the 20th century history.
If you are interested in the indigenous people’s lifestyle and traditions, then you are likely to find a visit to the Nenets’ reindeer herders’ winter camp of great interest.
There are many ways we can help you plan holidays in Archangel and the region - take a look at some of our most popular tours.

Photographs were made by Olga Tishina.

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